Shine through the dark with Flashlights

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Flashlights have been used by law enforcement agencies and generally in emergency response services for many years! The reason for this is twofold: a flashlight will not only shine a light through the dark, it can also be used as a melee weapon, in other words, if you are working for a security company or something similar, you need to buy a flashlight!

Flashlight reviews

Flashlights however are not just for people working in security, they’re also essential for “civilians” as well! The new LED flashlights are essential for anyone living in an area with frequent power outages!

Having a LED flashlight in the trunk of your car, could also prove invaluable if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and it’s too dark to see anything!

Bottom line is, EVERYONE needs a good flashlight! But which are the best flashlights? Well, that depends on what you intent to use your flashlight for and how frequently!

The brightest flashlight models are usually great for security officers but they can be a bit too bright for civilians, while rechargeable flashlights are great for civilians who only have a flashlight around for emergency use but they’re not that great for security officers who use their flashlights daily…

The Best Flashlight Reviews!

In our site, you will find reviews for the best flashlights on the market, which will help you pick the right one for your own needs! Specifically, you will find flashlight reviews for the following top models: the Streamlight TLR-1, the Streamlight Stinger DS LED, the Fenix TK40, the Streamlight Ultrastinger and the Pelican 7060! At the end of each review, we’ll also tell you where to get each flashlight for the best price on the market. Making sure that you get the best model for you, with the best deal out there!

Which is the best flashlight for you?

Today, when it comes to efficient flashlights, there are many choices available. Now, which is the most suitable for you is another case.. The correct searching is a bit difficult when you luck certain information concerning all types existing. Here are some suggestions on how you should decide to buy a flashlight fitting your needs!

Personal flashlight or Tactical flashlight?

Basically you have to choose between two kinds, Personal or Tactical flashlights. Your environment and living conditions will mostly dictate this decision. In general, a tactical flashlight, is more durable in hard conditions like water for instance and can also be used as a weapon in a difficult situation.. A tactical one, requires to have three characteristics. Easy use, mission features and reliability. So, the thing is, do you need an extremely high-powered flashlight or a simpler and cheaper one?

Which size?

The flashlight’s size is a factor you should consider. For people who are always busy or have limited space, a smaller size is more appropriate. Naturally, they are easier to be carried and they can be quickly removed from a bag or pocket. Of course, the size should not affect the quality.

Which type or light?

What technology do you prefer? There are two basic kinds of flashlights. LED flashlights or Incandescent flashlights. The second type, are gas filled lamps used for high performance. LED stands for the light emitting diodes. Led bulbs are more durable and long-lasting. If you need a very strong light, you should choose a bright LED flashlight. Besides being strong and durable, requires also less maintenance. So, with less cost, more reliability.


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